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Thank you for visiting EB Presents. This blog has reviews, music, and stuff about the Franklin and Nashville area. I enjoy playing the ukulele. You can find my music videos, films (still has not come filming will start in coming months), things about Franklin and Nashville, my live performances, book reviews, TV & movie reviews, Frequent Post, and one tech review on the Apple Watch Series 2.

About Me

I am Ethan Bradley. I play the ukulele and I have been playing it for about 4 years. I have serval live ukulele performances of mainly traditional Hawaiian Songs. I have two dogs named Princess Buttercup and Tiger Lily (I might write about them in Frequent Post). I also have a cat named Shamu (who I also might write about in Frequent Post). Those are some things to know about me. You will probably learn more about me if you take a look at my blog post.


During your visit you will find serval categories on here. EBMusic is why music videos. EBFilms is currently empty but I am planning on starting to film a web series that will premier on EB Presents.  The Live Peformances are a few of my live performances. Franklin and Nashville are one of the most recent categories which says things to do and it will also have resturant reviews in that area. Frequent Post is a category where I pick a topic and write about it. This project started on September 2nd and the project is planned to end in Januray. I will start a new project after this one ends (probably one about visiting places). It will still be frequently updated but it will have a certain topic. This is just a short-term introduction to frequent post. Topics will change frequently. The categories will change but the post will always be here. The topics might change it might be about weather, pets, traveling, or other things. That cateogory is not a main category it is the most updated one but the main ones are at the top of the menu. Enjoy your visit!


I hope you enjoy your visit to EB Presents.